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History , Vision , Mission


In 2006, the idea of founding an independent insurance assessment company, which could leverage related technical knowledge and expertise, while offering career opportunities in both the domestic and the foreign levels, catering for the insurance industry and relevant applicants struck the late Khosro Shaghaghi, the founder of Saman Negar Iranian company. Saman Negar was founded on November 16, 2006, by registration number of 284892, and later adapted its qualifications to the 85 code of the central insurance in 2015, renamed to loss assessment Saman Negar Iranian company, currently active under the Iranian license number 23.


At Saman Negar Iranian, we are putting our best efforts to:

  • Be known as an honest and sound brand, unrivaled in our working field.
  • Provide decent working condition for our employees.
  • Develop and promote the profession of loss assessment in the whole country.
  • Work as a technical and expert organization in the insurance industry.


Our mission at Saman Negar Iranian is to provide technical, engineering and risk and loss assessment services through a network of experts in any areas of Iran, using the novel advancements in the field of information technologies, for centralized supervision of the whole processes and services, and to provide the business environment for experts and graduates and also technical experts from the entire country.

Asset valuation

Many of the industry and business owners apply to the finance institutions to be informed regarding value of their assets...

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Consultation services in the field of preparation and application of insurance contracts in various items, including firing, automobile, liability and...

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Special services

Saman Negar Iranian established a customers club, which offers special services to its members: VIP risk adjustment services in the requested...

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Training of human resources

Saman Negar Iranian is prepared to train the risk adjustor people of the insurance companies and also transfer them to...

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Safety engineering

Industrial safety is a wide area of knowledge, involving measures, principles and regulations, which could be applied for protecting the...

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Loss assessment

Loss assessment involves field observations to study the cause of loss and identify the commitment level of insurer according to...

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Risk assessment

Risk assessment is a rational method for qualitative and quantitative determination of risks and potential consequences of accidents, based on...

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Mobile services for vehicle inspection

Today, different criteria is used to measure satisfaction level of customers in the insurance industry. Handle time, handle location and...

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